Other People's Children

by Lliam Greguez & Malcolm Lucard

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Acoustic Prog Punk
Avante-Hard Cyber-Acoustic music like a city overgrown with woods.
Energetic acoustic guitar songs sometimes augmented with synth & sampled noodling.


released February 28, 2017

Lliam Greguez: Steel & 12 String guitars, Vocals,
Lyrics, Music, Sampling & Synth
Bedroom Production & Engineering

Malcolm Lucard: Nylon Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Lyrics

And various others on bass, percussion, & vocals




Lliam Greguez New York, New York

Lliam Greguez is a Creative Arts Therapist, providing therapeutic music for hospitalized children to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. He's played with Luis Días, Malcolm Lucard, & Chad Jones. Every winter he photographs ice, revealing the textures and sculptures played upon a small Catskill Mtn Stream, a homage to the details and variety of what happens to freezing water. ... more

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Track Name: That Sound
That sound; solemn and desperate.
The determination of man; relentlessly stubborn.
Call it the waves crashing or the pitiless sand.

You get what you want and it's nothing at all.
Still you find yourself waiting all over again.
If there's nothing worth waking for there's nothing at all.

Took too long today, took too long these past ten years. Not that we're in any hurry, just should have been there already.
Fucked up makes fucked up if you are or if you're not.

You get to the point where the influx of things that go right
have got to pile up good before there's a turn of the tide.
Wanting the hope real of immunity other than death.
Track Name: Elephants
Elephants; they eat plants.
It makes no sense why we can't advance.
Beyond the greed that dooms them,
we should leave some room for the elephants.
Waterhole's a must. When the water's all gone; dig with those tusks.
Bring the water on. Lots of creatures of the land depending on the elephant.

Elephants in a family. Tusks are for defense, not for mans' vanity.
Every piece of ivory that you buy pulls their teeth, makes em die!
Elephants, walk on tipytoe
Gentle and magnificent, mighty when they bellow.
Silently they go their way
listening for friends far away.
Face of joviality, cheeks you wannna hug.
Each such personality, stifled without love.
Here's a creature who's mighty glad
for a place like earth to stomp its pad.
Track Name: Joy Together
Soft as sunshine on the outside,
Resilient, strong within.
You're the warmth that makes it alright,
You're delight is my heaven.
Joy when we're together
With life you are connected,
You feel earths' pulse and beat.
Neither of us perfect,
but with you I am complete.
Track Name: Park Road Blues
Got to keep the cars out of Central Park
Cause life can't breathe fumes.
Got to stop relying on fuels that exhaust
And you can't start too soon.

I would rather breathe Gas from leaves
Than fumes of cars, incinerators and factories

Outside my window; blowing horns, burning gas.
Inside my window; plug your ears and wear a mask.
Track Name: Dulce Et Decorum Est
DULCE ET DECORUM EST by Malcolm Lucard
In a beatup barrio of bricks & linoleum down by the locked up water
Dirty Eddie & the coffee brewing of a young unwed daughter
The police & the drug lords of Panama City were snoring
When nana heard the helicopters, tanks & troops scream by the door
As the first explosions of dawn caught fire on the roof
She ran to the window but the word she heard were foreign
Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro patria mori

Bullets bolted the doors on the poor peoples part of town
Beat out to the streets by flames where they were instantly run down
Joan of Arc would’ve been proud to see them jump from the second story
Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro patria mori
Sweet & noble it is to die for your country
but the first strike attack is always meaningless oratory
Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro patria mori
Yea ya think you’re really brave, you’re a soldier & a fighter
I’ve seen bombs make your M16s seem like a cigarette lighter

In Medellín they missed the general, but they killed 300 more
Innocents where the bus to kingdom come sometimes pulls out without warning
So up and coming coke addicts could maintain their sick euphoria
The button pressed a nation of hope began to rise
screaming ramparts anthems of addiction soared across the sky
South America shuddered as the rain started falling
Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro patria mori
Sweet & noble it is to die for your country
But there’s no time for honor in this upped up allegory
Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro patria mori
Track Name: Hunger
It makes no sense trying to balance my head
The heart runs cold, the mind has lost control
Hunger, reaching out beyond reach
Frustration is all that's left to eat
Makes a whole lot of difference and no difference at all
When you're reaching for the high place, and all you do is fall

Is this a joke or a curse gone wild
In truth no hope, dreams that pass in a while
Hunger, reaching out beyond reach
Frustration is all that's left to eat
Sucked on in and left without
Time to take the plunge, or stumble on in doubt

You alone are left and it's either or or
Big deal, does it matter at all
Hunger, reaching out beyond reach
Frustration is all that's left to eat
Desires and perceptions got me tangled up inside
I've gone through the gamut, is there one place left to hide?
Track Name: Planet Noodle
They found me in a noodle factory up on planet pluto
They couldn’t figure what to do they thought I was a noodle
So they hung me up and hosed me down enough to make a worm ill
but just before my eyes caved in she said life’s not that futile

I understand the sadness buried deep beneath your eyes
gets in the way takes up space there’s too much else to occupy
I got it too I feel it’s terror well beneath my breast
and when it rears its ugly head we’ll crush the buggy fest

What is it that turns my head and makes my eyes to stare
into this piercing silence cant you speak if you are there
too many noodles not enough salt the butter’s disapeared
I get the feeling it’ll never be right and then she grabs my ear
Track Name: Children Know
Where do they get it from? They get it from us.
Why do they do these things? They learn them from us.
How do the children know how to hate, who to hate?
They're watching us.
How do the children know how to love, who to love?
They're watching us.
They're watching, and waiting,
and wondering, and wanting.
How do the children know, they’re learning from us.
Track Name: Countryside
I cannot speak my mind is tied
With thoughts and dreams and hopes untried.
From a knarly pine on a mountain high
Nothin out there but countryside

My dream would be to go where I will,
To walk where I want, to try any hill.
But fences keep me sitting still
It's mine, stay away, the voice is shrill

What I say would be half a truth,
Too many parts, too aloof.
There's me and them and us and you,
But the shields are up, there's no getting through.

Nobody knows the culture we missed
We traded for things with lies and tricks.
When we could have been learning this lands' ways
We thought we knew it all so we walk in a haze.
Track Name: Deep Quiet Waters - Two Headed Calf
The waters of Long Island Sound
were home and life to me
I'd fish on gentle buoyant swells
rake oyster from the sea
clams I'd dig from the muddy shore
where kingfishers were angling
A seaweed coast on the Island of Shells
called Seawahakie.
And you can see the sun sparkle on th
waters that give life to everything around
The marsh lands and bays are a heritage that nurtures
the deep quiet waters of the Long Island sound.
This arm of the Atlantic Ocean
glaciers dug 20 miles wide
The Quinipiac, Connecticut, and Housatonic,
flowed into its tides
From the river called East to Orient Point
110 as the seagull flies
For 5,000 years cared for by the Delaware tribe.
Now the harbors are becoming lifeless liquid poison
Our wastes breed bacteria which suck up the oxygen
Toxics dumped by industry
or plastic dropped by one person
It's a life supporting body or a dead sea question
My life is filled with gull cries and
a constant muffled pounding swoosh
Music that is passed by in a modern rush and push
Don't forget how we're dependant
on the health of plants and fish
If we take care of the waters rejoicing in its gifts.
Track Name: Hummingbird
I am the hummingbird, I quiver by your bed.
There is a flower there, growing baby,
baby inside your head.
I am the rocking chair, gonna rock you all night long.
Gonna hold you in my arms, lean you back,
rock and roll you baby till the break of dawn.
I am the alcohol, stirring inside your drink.
Gonna get to your heart, get to your mind,
bubble in your blood, baby no matter what you think.